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Svyatoslav Yefimov
Svyatoslav Yefimov

The Trials And Tribulations Of A Fifty Foot Long Umbilical cord…

The number of clinical trials in the CAR-NK cell space is limited (Table 7). Although in recent years, the first 2 papers showing evidence of clinical successes have been published [30, 163], many of the investigations are still in early planning or recruiting into clinical trials. Most of these trials are company-driven, with the majority coming from China (Table 7). In these trials, various diseases are targeted, with an anti-CD19 CAR (B cell malignancies) on NK cells initially being compared the same CAR on T cells. Furthermore, different tumor antigens, like HER2, Mucin-1, EpCAM or PMSA, are targeted on a variety of solid and hematological tumors (Table 7). In the clinical studies currently conducted, CAR-NK cells are derived from PBMC, the NK-92 cell line or a newly generated uniform cell line NK101. In contrast, Rezvani and colleagues have used expanded umbilical cord NK cells, selected on a KIR mismatch between donor and recipient and promising results were reported [30].

The trials and tribulations of a fifty foot long umbilical cord…





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