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Svyatoslav Yefimov
Svyatoslav Yefimov

Index Of Shocking Videos (NSFW ? Video)

Robert Koehler, writing for the Los Angeles Times, wrote that "as we're deep into the O.J. trial, much of 'Shock Video 2' isn't all that shocking".[17] The New York Daily News called it "a shameless, sleazy, exploitive, hypocritical piece of claptrap, the sins of which equal or exceed any of those it claims to expose".[18] Ray Loynd of Variety wrote that "the visual distinction between a cop's handwritten report utilized by prosecutors and a wrenching video chronicle of the same scene is ample justification for the use of video".[16]

Index of Shocking Videos (NSFW – Video)

The thing that gets me is the fact that this video appears to have been filmed on a Hi8 camcorder from 1996. It's yellow, extremely lo-fi, and adds a level of grittiness that is unsettling as people used to suck slick images. That combined with the crudeness of the puppetry makes for a video that maybe sounds sexy (vaginas! in a video! you'll love it!) and turns it into some sort of funhouse mirror version of it by taking all the elements usually surrounding female genitals in media and warping them until you get what you see in "Glazin'". It's ridiculously explicit and weird, and I count it as one of the most WTF music videos we've ever come across in our time as IMVDb curators.

The more you listen to Mayer\Leyva the more you realize that themes of reappropriation and the ideas behind images are pretty central to their work (of which music videos are just a portion). This leads to the one fact that was mentioned in the SXSW talk that really blows me away - at one point a possible release venue for this that was floated around was a website like Hustler or Playboy. Maybe one day the internet will be the home of a new vaginas-dressed-as-stuff fetish, but I don't think the people of Hustler or Playboy were ready for this.

From arrests for lewd and lascivious behaviour to giant cock cannons and videos released via actual porn sites, Rammstein have not so much pushed the envelope of acceptability as incinerated it with one of their home-made incendiary devices.

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