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Svyatoslav Yefimov
Svyatoslav Yefimov

[S14E2] Being Bad

Such a beautiful girl. Such a sad story. However I think in some sense the unique context of this episode is important. Regardless of being lovely, talented, intelligent, had a family that loved her and NO childhood traumas, she -still- managed to go down this road. It just shows nobody is exempt from addiction regardless of your background.

[S14E2] Being Bad

I suspected the "old" lady from the start as not being who she seemed and of playing a major part in the murder. One, her thinking the team was selling Girl Scout cookies was too precious. Two, appearing blind and lame are easily faked and misdirecting -- just like in "The Usual Suspects." And three, shows don't introduce colorful characters and name stars and then drop them early on (like you knew Tom Arnold in the NCIS-NO ep wasn't killed in the opening scene).

It seems weird to do this now, but I continue to like Quinn and Torres. Quinn seems to be able to walk the line between being the newbie and yet also having a sense of authority on the team. Jennifer Esposito is doing a great job, and I've never seen Wilmer in anything before this, so he doesn't bring any baggage to Torres, as far as I'm concerned.

That is exactly it for me. I think they need to dial back on his super skills a skosh but so far he hasn't come across as thinking that being part of the MCRT is beneath him and he has nothing to learn. I hope they keep that up.

Alex finds Maggie and Meredith sitting on the latter's bed. Meredith's picking at the wall while Maggie assures her that Megan's wound will close. Also, she points out that Megan now has a functioning bowel. Meredith is mad at medicine and at herself for being too confident. She tells Alex that he did a terrible job patching up the wall. He tells her to stop picking or they'll have replace it. She then gets an idea.

Foster meets with Ganzel's lawyer, Mr. Querns to tell him that he is also being accused of Ganzel's crimes. Foster and Olivia play the tapes from the wiretaps for Mr. Querns in which Ganzel speaks ill of him and talks at length about how Querns is the scapegoat for his illegal activity. Mr. Querns decides to resign as Ganzel's attorney in order to testify against him.

Mr. Garrison gives the children the book The Catcher in the Rye and says it was banned for its large amount of controversial subject matter. Due to how disturbing and offensive Mr. Garrison makes it sound, the entire class, particularly Cartman and the rest of the boys find themselves excited at the prospect of being allowed to read it. Unfortunately, after reading the book from start to finish, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman find nothing remotely vulgar about the book. Deciding to research why the book was banned in the first place, the boys discover that it was due to a man claiming the book caused him to murder John Lennon of the Beatles. Despite this information, the boys are horribly disappointed at how dull the book was, not seeing why the book was banned. They agree that they could write a book and get it banned much quicker and write a vulgar book just for the sake of writing a vulgar book. A montage shows the boys collaborating on the book for an unknown period of time, seeming to write down whatever disgusting thoughts pop into their heads while laughing the whole time. They name the book The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs.

Meanwhile, the other parents have all read the book and confront the boys on who had written it. Butters claims responsibility due to having several blackouts after reading The Catcher in the Rye. Much to the boys' horror, the parents do not get angry at Butters, but praise him on his work and have even summoned an editor from Penguin Publishing, who wants to get first publishing rights to the book. The book becomes a global sensation and millions of copies are sold, having been translated into 26 languages. However, despite the praise the books get, it seems no one capable of getting through the first paragraph without vomiting. The next day at school everyone likes Butters and thinks that he is an artistic genius, causing the boys to confront him. Butters, however, claims that even if he did not write the book, he still intends to take credit, due to years of being taken advantage of by the boys, and also due to the reading The Catcher in the Rye, calling the boys phonies. Several of the girls defend Butters' writing, which only infuriates the boys further.

Apparently much of the book's subject matter involves comments directed at Sarah Jessica Parker, who is mentioned 465 times, which gets little controversy from all around the world, and only a slight annoyance from Parker's husband Matthew Broderick, despite her being dubbed as a "transvestite donkey witch." Meanwhile, due to the popularity of The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs, Butters and his parents are asked to be on the Today Show to discuss it. Despite being proud of their son's 'genius', Mr. and Mrs. Stotch has grounded Butters for the language used in the book. During the interview, Butters is asked a series of questions about the book which he has to fake answering, as he has not even read the book. Matt Lauer and his co-hosts ask Butters whether or not he is afraid that the book will cause a murder attempt like the one done when a man attempted to kill Ronald Reagan after reading The Catcher in the Rye. Butters realized he was supposed to kill Reagan instead of John Lennon and begins to set out to murder the former president, only to be told by Al Roker that he is already dead, again much to Butters' disappointment.

Meanwhile, Butters informs the world that he intends to write a second book entitled, The Poop That Took a Pee. On the Today Show, Morgan Freeman reads the first five chapters, during which back in South Park, the boys believe that this will reveal to the world that Butters did not write the book. Much to their surprise, however, people's reaction to the book is that while it is not as vulgar (due to Butters writing it in the manner of a small child using words like "poop" and "pee-pee"), they feel that Butters has gone to his roots, causing the book to be another success. Ironically, however, it inspires a man to kill the Kardashians (whom Butters himself loves) which the man referred to as "phonies", causing the public to become pissed off at Butters. To add to his troubles, Stan then tells Butters that his books will be banned as a result. But soon, Butters tells him and the rest that his book got Kim Kardashian killed and weeps. The gang feels bad for Butters and the way they were jealous of him, so they admit they were wrong to underestimate Butters. Stan also says that they should stick to television instead of books. Butters soon recovers and agrees to never write books again. Cartman later tells Butters that he was sleep-walking again and was responsible for Sarah Jessica Parker being murdered in the woods. Although scared initially, Butters relaxes and states, "Ah, oh well. At least she was ugly".

During the investigation, the medical examiner recounted to the BAU that these bodies were all over twenty years old. This information appeared to point to the idea of this being a cold case. However, as time went on and more bodies were found, they discovered that these bodies were fresh, approximately a year old. These, alongside the older corpses, were all female. This discovery could only mean one thing: there is a copycat at play.

Although Lexi insists on her needs being met, she's not cruel enough to leave Tyler hanging. Leaning forward as she rides his mouth, she opens wide to deliver a BJ that completes their 69.Then she sits up and shifts her hips forward so that she is impaled on Tyler's fuck stick just like she was trying to be with her dildo. Turning around, she rides Tyler in cowgirl so that he can watch mommy's big boobs bouncing away. Tyler wants to touch, so Lexi gets on her hands and knees to allow Tyler to come into her behind and palm those titties. Rolling onto her back after enjoying herself in doggy, Lexi spreads her thighs and lets Tyler bring her home. Moments later, Tyler pulls out and cums all over mama's stomach to finalize their lovemaking.

Why the obsession with Olivia's love life? Nobody worries about poor Munch living alone, or what girlfriend Fin is seeing. Also the writers seem hellbent on making Olivia feel guilty about not having children. These episodes were entertaining, but totally unrealistic. The SVU detectives were told (at the very beginning) to stay away from the investigation, but they disobeyed that order and did their own private investigation, apparently during their duty hours, possibly invalidating the whole case against the madam. Where were the real assigned detectives working on this case? How did Olivia get a hold of the DA's financial records (without a court order)? The DA confessed everything to Olivia really fast in the end; she should have asked her where she got the financial records when she wasn't assigned to the case. Any decent lawyer would have gotten much of the evidence thrown out of court because of all witness tampering and collusion going on by the SVU. Also, the NYPD (and all police departments for that matter) protect their fellow officers, even if they are guilty. A captain like Cragen would have been given the best lawyer they could find, and probably a good alibi, even if he didn't already have one (any idiot could see that he was being set-up). So the plot was contrived to make us feel sorry for him.I could go on but ... hey it was great to see Alex Baldwin again. He was really great in the series "Firefly" - maybe HE should have a fling with Olivia. 041b061a72




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