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Svyatoslav Yefimov
Svyatoslav Yefimov

Send Me An Angel - Scorpions Lyrics ^NEW^

Back drop: Skeleton and bones of head of lucifer showing head horns. at :32 of the video you see a place with not only rape tie downs and compartments for several people at once to be raped, but a secret location where they not only say to find the door but for 1 second show a marker at the top of the door which has some kind of spyre on top.Lyrics (real ones, not remastered word trades):"wisemen" said just walk this way (leading you to your rape place and some of these areas also have metal ladders to tie women to for sacrafices or rapes)To the dawn of the night (they wait until sundown to start, usually on a full moon)Wind will blow into your face (fire pits)As the years pass you by (some captives reported repeated torture by satanists who kept them in cages)Hear his voice from deep inside (service to self is the mark of black hats/Luciferians)Its the dawn of your heart (The day you say you will follow the dark angel Lucifer)Close your eyes and you will find passage out of the dark (some people are blindfolded and lead in and out of these rape camps)Here I am will you send me an angel (those who offer themselves to the services of satan are promised all the sex they can handle and preferrably virgins)Here I am in the land of the morning star (Lucifer's land and here comes a virgin wearing all black 01:30 of the video)01:38 they are all lead to a place with a sacraficial stone for blood letting and some are killed for adrenochrome. Sorry to tell you the truth, look it up)01:41 (He raises his arms to show the taking flight, getting high. Can also be when people are tied to all those metal objects behind him. Remember, the dark side does recruiting just like churches do.)Wise men said just earn your place (Satanists and free-masons have heirarchies and the higher you get the more sex and power you get)In the end of the storm (so you observe the sacrafices all around you and the "spirit plates" of dead bodies that people eat at these parties-look that up)Satan rules along he way (that is what he is really saying, not roses)Just beware of the thorns (if you turn on them you will be the net one they kill and eat)02:08 you see flashes like electrocution or a fire pit and singer says "Here I am"You see the woman again walking from the two symbolic sacrafice locations and he repeats "will you send me an angel" while behind him is an odd shadow on the wall that almost looks like a disemboweled human from behind with a knife slash down the whole back to the slender male buttocks and liquid coming out the bottom, oddly in black and white like a still image. The arms are pulled way up so you cant see them.He says "Here I am" while standing in this graveyard place with his hands apart as if he is waiting to receive something.OK you already know that Land of the Morning Star means satan and you have been up all night partying and now the sun comes up and the party is all over. That woman who is walking appears to have something around her head like a headband or blindfold. In reality she probably would be blindfolded and lead over there.(02:23)Now they zoom past all the monuments to see daylight, the party is over. This is not like the orgy videos they spare you what actually happens, you see the empty space before and after.(02:40) Yousee satan's horns in the background again and a reference to "wiseman said" which is Lucifer, of course."Just raise your hands, and reach out for the spell." They are being given something to ingest. In the past it was adrenochrome or menstrual blood to drink, again, look that up.Witches and freemasons are really big on spells as well, thus the word "spelling" which means to say words that enchant or control. So they probably repeat something as well.(o2:50) Ask youself when he says "find the dorway" why they show us this metal spyre, is that the location of the doorway or entrance to get into this cave complex and sacrafice area? I will be it is a really secret location and the big joke is, they filmed all over it and basically spilled their guts, but people are too stupid to see the actual meaning. They think Christians are so stupid and literal they can't even see what the real meanings are because you would be far too sick to believe it."To the promise land" is Satan promising everybody all the sex and power they can handle if they are completely subservient as this singer is, who is raising his hands up to his dark angel, Lucifer."Just believe in yourself" is service to self, which is the satanist call, all for self, all in it for themselves."Hear his voice from deep inside" and their other song titles are things like animal magnetism, We cant say/cant tell, etc because that call is about sexual arousal and control."Its the dawn of your heart" another reference to following satan"Close your eyes and you will find that we are of the dark." That is the real lyrics folks."Here I am, will you send me an angel" is a request to appease that animal nature, man's needy sexual dark side. The whole location is in shadows and darkness filmed at night.Also research how many missing children turn up state by state each year and you will find it is about 50,000 per state per year, and those are the angels...They have been kept in underground rape camps, cages, and if you really google that you can see the statistics."Here I am" and the lady with the blind fold is walking again, still wearing black."In the land of the morning star." Well, just look at the huge star on the cover of this record album. Hummm...What are these German singers doing in Navajo land? That is what it looks like.OK you asked, stop being so f***king naive about satanists. They are very, very real and yeah, they can sing. This is one recruiting video, music sells.

Send Me an Angel - Scorpions lyrics

This song is deceptively Satanic. When the song tells you "Hear this voiceFrom deep insideIt's the call of your heart"It is telling you to listen to your own desires over that of God the Father and Jesus Christ. The "Dawn of the light" it refers to is the dawning of the new age, age of Aquarius, the return of the days of Noah.Reach out for the spell refers to witchcraft which is forbidden by God.But the most damming line is"Find the door to the promised landJust believe in yourself"The door to the "Promised Land" is alluding to the path to eternal life which is ONLY reachable to those who believe in Jesus Christ. Those who accept Christ and believe in his resurrection and who keep his commandments. This song is a subtle deception to fool lukewarm and under educated Christians into singing along with lyrics that will introduce thoughts of "believe in yourself" and "listen to your heart." It should be Believe in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and listen to the word of God.The Morning Star in the Bible is actually Jesus Christ. (2 Peter:19 and Revelation 22:16) The title has been co-opted by Satan through bad Bible translations and other forms of media. It began as a mistranslation of Isiah 14:12. It should read Lucifer son of the morning. NOT Morning Star. So the singer is in the land of Jesus, The Morning Star asking for an angel. An angel that teaches you to follow your heart instead of the Lord. A fallen angel. Lucifer.This song amounts to nothing more than a subtle way to subconsciously transmit the "Do what thou wilt" teachings of Aleister Crowley to unsuspecting weak Christians.

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