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Svyatoslav Yefimov
Svyatoslav Yefimov

Macromolecule Virtual Lab Answer | Tested

Answer: Out of the 3 unknown substances milk, yogurt or oatmeal. There is no unknown substance that is clear cut answer that just has protein and complex carbohydrates to kill off new species. According to the data table when the unknown substance has complex carbohydrates then there are simple carbohydrates. Milk is the best defense against the undead because yogurt is tested positive for all 4 macromolecules and since zombies grow rapidly with simple sugars (simple carbohydrates). Yogurt has all the other macromolecules but you still run the risk for zombies to grow rapidly. Oatmeal on the other hand only has simple and complex carbohydrates that still help the zombies grow rapidly with simple carbohydrates and killing the species with the complex carbohydrate. Milk only have lipids so you keep the zombie population under control not killing off species and at the same time not growing rapidly.

Macromolecule Virtual Lab Answer | Tested

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