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Camaron De La Isla - Antologia Rar

Camaron De La Isla - Antologia Rar: A Tribute to the Legend of Flamenco

If you are a fan of flamenco music, you have probably heard of Camaron De La Isla, or simply Camaron, the legendary singer who revolutionized the genre with his innovative style and powerful voice. Camaron, whose real name was Jose Monje Cruz, was born in 1950 in San Fernando, Cadiz, and started singing at a young age in local taverns and festivals. He soon caught the attention of flamenco aficionados and professionals, and began his recording career in 1969 with the guitarist Rancapino. He later collaborated with other renowned guitarists such as Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, and Moraíto Chico, among others.

Camaron's discography spans over 20 albums, from the traditional flamenco forms of his early years to the more experimental fusion of his later works. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest flamenco singers of all time, and a major influence for many artists in the genre. He died in 1992 at the age of 41 from lung cancer, leaving behind a legacy of incomparable artistic value.

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One of the ways to appreciate Camaron's genius is to listen to his Antologia Rar, a collection of rare and unreleased recordings that showcase his versatility and creativity. The Antologia Rar was released in 2000 by Universal Music Spain, and consists of two CDs with 30 tracks that cover different periods and styles of Camaron's career. Some of the highlights of the Antologia Rar are:

  • Al Verte Las Flores Lloran (Bulerías): A lively bulería with a catchy chorus and a playful dialogue between Camaron and Rancapino.

  • Cada Vez Que Nos Miramos (Soleá): A soulful soleá with Paco de Lucia's guitar accompaniment and Camaron's expressive voice.

  • La Leyenda Del Tiempo (Rumba): A rumba inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca's poem of the same name, featuring electric guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone.

  • Como El Agua (Tangos): A tangos that became one of Camaron's signature songs, with Paco de Lucia's flamenco guitar blending with jazz elements.

  • Potro De Rabia Y Miel (Bulerías): A bulería from Camaron's last album, with Tomatito's guitar and a modern production.

The Antologia Rar is a must-have for any flamenco lover, as it offers a glimpse into the artistic evolution and diversity of Camaron De La Isla. You can find more information about the Antologia Rar on [Qobuz], where you can also stream or download it in high-quality formats. You can also check out other albums by Camaron on [], where you can download his complete discography for free.




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